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Howard Liebermann

Veterinary Surgeon

Howard Liebermann - Veterinary Surgeon
Howard Liebermann BVSC MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Howard emigrated with his family to Devon in 1997. Having started work at KVG, he has never left. He became a partner in 1999. His farm animal skills were developed quickly and he remembers the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001 well. “I had a new born son and we were working all hours doing farm inspections, over and above our normal working day. I hope the farmers never have to go through something like that again.”

It is the diversity of the job that Howard enjoys so much, “I never know what I am going to be doing on any given day. If one area becomes mundane, there are always so many other areas of our job that are interesting, be it the patients, the clients, the staff, or the administration!” 

Recently, he has developed an interest in canine and feline nutrition, although he doesn’t profess to be an expert. “I will always inform clients of my limitations, but I just want to be able to do the basics properly. I want to be able to provide the best service that I can.”

Outside of work, Howard enjoys getting out on his mountain bike. He also enjoys bird watching. He loves taking his children camping on Dartmoor. He has a deep Christian faith and this affects his whole approach to life. “I spend so many hours at work and I see it as much a calling as I do a job. Serving people and helping animals is an expression of my faith.  

Howard has received numerous nomination for the Petplan “Vet of the Year Award” over the years.