Sharon Brint

Practice Manager

Sharon Brint
Sharon Brint Cert VPM Practice Manager

Sharon Brint Practice manager started at the practice in 2016 as a receptionist then move up in to management in 2020 before this I was always in hotel management from working at Bovey castle to the imperial in Torquay over the years, in mine younger years I became a qualified riding instructor and worked with horses for many years as well competing on my own horses.  

I live with my Husband and our three dogs two naughty beagles Buddie and Bentley and one beautiful newfoundland Luna also three cats Merlin, Poppy and Eddie. And from time-to-time help rise orphaned Kittens for animal charities.  

In my space time My husband and I love to play golf, waking the dogs and going on holiday to the beautiful parts of the world.