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Tips on keeping you pet in tip-top health

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  • Kitten Vaccination Packages
  • Rabbit Vaccination Package
  • Your Pets Dental Health
  • Microchip Clinics
  • Nurse Clinics
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Travel Clinics
  • Exotics Clinics

Puppy Vaccination Packages

We offer an 8-week start and 12-week finish for puppy vaccinations.

We use:

  • Nobivac® DHP containing Distemper Hepatitis and Parvovirus.
  • Nobivac® KC containing strains causing Kennel Cough.
  • Nobivac® Lepto 4 containing 4 strains of leptospirosis.

For those worried about adverse reactions to the Lepto 4 vaccine please read the UK government’s official advice.
We include Kennel Cough Vaccine in our vaccination program because we feel it reduces the severity of symptoms of kennel cough your dog suffers when there is an outbreak (like the Human Flu Jab).

The Puppy Vaccination Package also includes:

  • A course of two or three injections.
  • A microchip.
  • First worm and flea treatment.
  • Enrollment into our puppy socialization classes.
  • 6 month adolescent check.

When you become a member of our Pet Health Club scheme, your pet will enjoy all of these benefits as standard.

Kitten Vaccination Packages

We offer a 9-week start and 12-week finish for kitten vaccinations.

We use:

  • Nobivac® Tricat Trio containing Herpes virus, Calicvirus and Corona Virus.
  • Nobivac® FELV containing Feline Leukaemia virus.

The Kitten Vaccination Package also includes:

  • A full health check.
  • A course of two injections.
  • A microchip.
  • First month of worm and flea treatment.
  • 6 month adolescent check.

We offer an Indoor Cat Vaccination Program, which excludes FELV and an Outdoor Cat Vaccination Program that includes FELV.

When you become a member of our Pet Health Club scheme, your pet will enjoy all of these benefits as standard.

Rabbit Vaccination Package

We offer rabbit vaccinations from 6-weeks for Myxomatosis and 10 weeks for Viral Haemorrhagic Diarrhoea VHD.

We use:

  • Nobivac® Myxo-RHD for Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Diarrhoea type 1.
  • Ceva® Filavac for Viral Haemorrhagic Diarrhoea types 1 and 2.

The Rabbit Vaccination Package includes:

  • A full health check.
  • Vaccinations for Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Diarrhoea.
  • Worming and fly repellant (on request).
  • 6 month adolescent check.

When you become a member of our Pet Health Club scheme, your pet will enjoy all of these benefits as standard.

Your Pets Dental Health

  • We offer a free dental health check with a Registered Veterinary Nurse every six months for your pet.
  • Under the Pet Health Club (PHC) membership scheme your pet will automatically benefit from 6 monthly examinations that include dental health checks.
  • We recommend introducing your pet to regular teeth brushing on a daily or, if not a weekly basis from an early age to limit progression of dental disease as they get older.
  • If regular brushing is not possible then dental diets such as Royal Canin Walthams® Dental or Hills® t/d, or other suitable dental diets are recommended.
  • For pets that already have established dental disease, an examination under anaesthesia is recommended. This will include a scale and polish, a set of standard dental radiographs and extractions should these be required.
  • Please call the surgery to talk to our vets or nurses for further advice. 

Microchip Clinics

Please remember it is now required by law to have all dogs microchipped in the United Kingdom.

There is a £500 fine if your dog is found not to have a microchip.

For breeders and new pet owner who have puppies and kittens and want them chipped.

We offer discounts for 3 or more pets chipped during the same visit.

When your pet is registered on our Pet Health Club scheme, the chip will come at no extra cost.

Nurse Clinics

We pride ourselves in being a Veterinary Nurse training practice.

The quality of our Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVN) is second to none and the care they provide to your pets is of the highest standard. 

As a practice we actively support and encourage our nurses to maintain continuous progressive development (CPD) learning, which is a requirement of the RCVS.

The nurses at our practice offer the following clinical consultations:

  • Adolescent Clinics
  • Flea and Worm Checks
  • Geriatric Clinics
  • Weight Loss Clinics
  • Dental Health Clinics
  • Rabbit Clinics
  • Pre and Post Op checks
  • Diabetic Clinics
  • Microchip Clinics
  • Clipping Claws and Teeth Clinics
  • Behaviour Clinics and Home Visits Clinics 
  • Express Anal Glands Clinics
  • Bandaging Clinics
  • Blood Sample Clinics for routine organ function checks
  • Blood Pressure Measurement Clinics

Nutritional Advice

Our Vets and Nurses offer free advice to clients on which pet foods, may be the best for their pets.

This may vary depending on the breed, life stage, body condition score in healthy dogs and cats.

For those pets with specific medical conditions, there are particular prescription diets that are available on order. All foods are returnable subject to terms and conditions.

Travel Clinics

We provide travel advice for Pet Travel outside the United Kingdom.

Our vets are Official Veterinarians authorised by DEFRA. They are able to give Rabies vaccinations and issue Pet Passports according to the current guidelines and requirements set out by DEFRA.

Please contact the surgery for the most recent travel advice.

Exotics Clinics

The practice offers a referral service for exotic pets. 

Though most of our vets are experienced in dealing with first opinion exotic concerns, one of our vets is an exotics certificate holder and is happy to offer specialist advice on any concerns you may have. We are happy to see avian species, reptiles and rodents.