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Two Staged Dental Procedure

Kingsteignton Veterinary Group are among the pioneering practices in the country who offer a two staged dental procedure.

Stage I – involves:

  • Dental charting
  • Oral hygiene involving scaling and polishing
  • Full mouth radiographs
  • Assessment of all teeth requiring extractions

The Veterinary Surgeon will assess the patient pre-operatively, discuss details of procedure and explain the estimate with the owner.  

Pre-anaesthetic blood screens are recommended in all patients. 

Intravenous fluids are recommended to maintain blood pressure and circulation during anaesthesia. 

General anaesthesia is maintained with Sevoflurane, which is regarded as the safest anaesthetic. 

Dental charting of teeth. This also involves a visual inspection of the mouth with your pet asleep.

Oral hygiene is achieved by scale and polish of all teeth. 

Full mouth dental radiographs. This also looks at the jaw bone to rule out any tumours that may be present.

Any mobile teeth are extracted immediately. 

Any teeth requiring extraction that have fixed roots will be identified and a plan made for the second stage dental procedure.

Patient recovery. 

Discharge appointment with the veterinary surgeon in order to discuss the findings, as well as further treatments. 

Schedule Stage II dental (if required) within 4 weeks and offering an accurate estimate.

Pain relief and or antibiotics will be prescribed where indicated.

An automatic 10% discount on dental procedures is applied to Pet Health Club Clients. 

This is designed so as to reduce anaesthetic time through a structured protocol.

Stage II – involves:

  • Oral surgery to extract the identified teeth
  • Suturing of the gum where the teeth have been extracted
  • Radiography to confirm complete removal of tooth roots

Admission with operating veterinary surgeon for pre-operative patient assessment, to confirm with the owner and discuss planned procedure and estimate with owner. 

Tooth extraction according to what is found in stage I.

Suturing of gums after tooth extractions. 

Repeat x-rays post extractions if necessary.

Recovery of patient.

Discharge with operating veterinary surgeon.

Medication for pain relief and antibiotics if indicated.

10% Discounts as for Stage I for Pet Health Club Clients.

Post-operative check with nurse after 3 days.

Final check with veterinary nurse or surgeon after 10 days for discussion of ongoing dental prophylaxis and management plan, as well as booking the next dental check with the nurse.