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Summer 2019

Kingsteignton Vet Group has had a change of guard…

The outgoing management team of Howard Liebermann and Nick Lloyd decided it was time to hang up their hats and handover the reins at Kingsteignton Veterinary Group. Howard and Nick have been running practice for the best part of 20 years. While Howard still continues to offer his vast experience and skill as a clinician at the practice, Nick has embarked on a new challenge, having taken a position in veterinary IT with our parent company Independent Vet Care. The practice applauds their services and achievement.

We welcome Nazim Mukadam who joined the practice in April 2018. After a short while getting settled in, he has now become the head vet at the practice. Originally from Zambia and educated in South Africa, he has worked with African wildlife, farm animals and equines. In the last decade he has worked mainly in small animal practice having read for a postgraduate Advanced Certificate in Small Animal Surgery. The rest of the management team includes, practice manager Deana Schneidau, head receptionist Carol Dawson, head nurse, Heather Beastall and deputy head nurse, Emma Wills.

We also welcome veterinary assistant Ewelina Cuipek-Anandan, receptionist Hayley Naisbett-Jones, student Nurse Shannon Newman and animal care assistant Charlotte Nicol.

Other appointments:

Veterinary Surgeon - Ewelina Cuipek-Anandan

Head Nurse - Heather Beastall

Deputy Head Nurse - Emma Wills

Student Nurse - Shannon Newman

Receptionist Bovey Surgery - Hayley Naisbett-Jones

Animal Care Assistant - Charlotte Nicol

Howard wishes Nick Lloyd well for the future

Many of our clients may have noticed that our colleague, Nick Lloyd has not been consulting at Kingsteignton Veterinary Group since November 2018. This is because he has been busy with software development for a veterinary practice management system at Independent Vet Care (IVC), our parent company.

What was supposed to have been a 6-month secondment has now become a full-time position.

Nick and I worked together for thirteen years. He has been a great friend and colleague. We have journeyed together and quite honestly, the practice would not be what it is today without him.

I would like to wish Nick all the very best for this next chapter in his life and great success.

If any of our clients would like to send him a message, I would be glad to pass it on to him.

Howard Liebermann BVSC MRCVS

The wise choice…

A convenient and structured plan tailored to you pet’s health. Available for dogs, cats and rabbits.

The Pet Health Club continues to be popular with pet owners. It not only offers low affordable monthly direct debit payments for your pets vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, but also awards a range of discounts on routine procedures such as neuters, microchipping, nail clipping and expressing of scent glands. There are also discounts on prescriptions and food orders.

You can find out more information at the web address below

If you would like to register your pet and initiate their membership on the Pet Health Club, please call the surgery and we can get it done for you.

Pet Advice

“Be careful of those snakes! There have been some sighted on the Moors near Haytor”

Brexit and Pet Travel

There is much confusion with what the official government requirements for Pet Travel to Europe will be after Brexit. Currently the existing requirements still stand until the 31st of October 2019. However these are subject to change should the United Kingdom make its way out of the European Union. We urge all pet owners wishing to travel to keep current with any new announcements on the DEFRA website. 


We would like to alert our clients that there have been frequent sightings of snakes on the moors and we have seen cases of snakebites this year. Should your dogs get bitten by a snake please bring them to the vets immediately as time is critical to the successful treatment of snakebites in dogs.

Waltham’s Royal Canin

We are pleased to announce that we now stock all life stage and prescription ranges of the new innovative, state of the art, Waltham’s Royal Canin foods. These are available on a voucher scheme and are also discounted on our Pet Health Club. Contact the surgery for prices. You may be surprised at how competitive our prices are!

Heat Stroke

We are still seeing cases of heat stroke in dogs this summer. It is not only dogs that are left in cars that suffer heat stroke. Dogs the play or are left out in the sun on hot days can suffer heat stroke too. Be sure to seek shady spots for your dog and carry lots of water when you’re out and about on hot days.                                      

Rabbit Fly Strike

Its that time of the year when rabbits are most susceptible to fly strike. Please examine your rabbits twice a day on their underside for any scratches or open wounds. Flies need no time to lay eggs in a wound. We recommend using Rearguard® every 8-10 weeks during the summer months.

Grass Seeds

When the fields and paths are full of different types of grass species that are seeding, they become quite troublesome to active dogs with thick coats like Labradors, Spaniels and Westies. They tend to attract grass seeds that migrate into their ear or between their toes. Please sift through your pets coats especially around their paws and ears to pick out any grass seeds.

Ticks Fleas And Worms

Although present all year round, the summer months see an increase in dogs and cats picking up fleas and ticks. Worms are also very debilitating. Routine worming and flea treatment is advised. Prevention is always better than cure.


Interesting Case….


Alfie came to see our vet Nazim one evening recently with an inability to eat due to a swelling under his tongue. It made it difficult for him to swallow and to a certain extent to breath as well. Poor Alfie found it painful when he tried to open his mouth.

His owner mentioned that Alfie would go to the food bowl and attempt to eat but wasn’t able to take in any food. He also mentioned that Alfie was keen on chewing sticks! But he was also suspicious that Alfie may have suffered a sting from swallowing a wasp. Initial treatment for a wasp sting and antibiotic cover did not resolve his problem and he was admitted for a further intensive examination under anaesthesia.

Julia, our surgeon on theatre duty that day found it difficult to intubate him for anaesthesia and had to perform an emergency tracheostomy. This is a procedure to gain access to the lungs by placing a tube through the trachea in the neck rather than through the mouth. Having secured a patent airway she was then able to investigate the swelling under the tongue. She discovered that Alfie has a massive sublingual abscess and having lanced into it she was able to drain close to 80 ml of pus.

Alfie was looked after in intensive care overnight to maintain his airway while the swelling subsided and was able to go home the next morning.   

Edwin retires

Our dedicated gardener Edwin Hutchings, who managed the grounds of the practice for near enough the last decade, has retired.

You will still be able to see Edwin from time to time when he pops into the surgery to see us.

He made sure the grounds were always kept neat and tidy for all the staff and clients to enjoy. His work was exceptional.

All the staff at the practice would like to thank Edwin for his outstanding service and wish him well for his retirement!



Message from the new clinical director

It is my vision to build on the strong foundations that Kingsteignton Veterinary Group already stands. With a fantastic group of vets, nurses and support staff, I plan on continuing to provide our valued clients the highest level of veterinary care for their pets.

We are indeed in an exciting new era of veterinary science. We provide cardiology examinations, orthopaedic surgery, various soft tissue surgeries, exotic medicine and surgery.

 I look forward to seeing you all the next time you visit our surgeries.    


Clinical Director